Our experience in the field of human implantology and our expertise in the Market provide the introducing very good functionality implant named  HUMANTECH .
Given the growing need to increase the quality of human life and the dynamic market changes marked by rising pressure on costs and profit margins,factors such as cost-oriented manufacture and distribution are increasingly occupying centre stage.
From First step of selling through to the finish and customer service -All from single reliable source,So we can Provide all for you.
The Variety of our Implant lines offers a broad range of clinical solutions up to reconstructions of single crowns.screw connected or fixed cemented bridges and partial or full dentures.
You can use our Implants in all solutions from simplest to the most difficult surgical and bone augmentation procedures.They are manufactured from bio compatible quality titanium and by their blasted and etched surfaces on the state of the art .
We also offer a unique simple surgery kit for your easy way to Surgery .Our Implant Sizes are as follow:
Avantgarde system (Conical Shape)
-3.2 Mini
-3.8 Medium
-4.2 Medium
-5.0 Large
Classic system (Cylindric)
-3.8 Medium
-4.2 Medium
-5.0 Large
-6.0 Large
SIngle System
-3.0 Mini
Implant size